Our customers come from a variety of different industries including manufacturing, utilities, telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, technology, consumer products, non-profit, and small business. For examples of some of the clients that our founder has worked with, please visit the Our Company page.

Our workshops are specifically targeted toward product teams and business teams within companies ranging from $10M to greater than $100B in size. Scroll down to learn more about how we address the needs of our key customer segments.

Product Teams

Many product management training programs focus on job definitions and basic business concepts. But in order to truly succeed in their roles, product team members need to look beyond day-to-day tasks and focus on running their overall product businesses. And the way to do that is by mastering the three key strategic work areas of long-range planning, new product development, and in-market lifecycle management. Our training and coaching programs are focused on teaching product managers and product leaders the critical work skills that are required to excel in these areas, ensuring that the term “Product CEO” becomes more than just a catch phrase – it becomes a meaningful way of life.

Product Leaders

Business Teams

Business teams come in many forms – from leadership teams, to cross-functional management teams, to working teams within business functions such as sales, marketing, engineering, operations, etc. Our programs are designed to not only help these teams craft strategies for their businesses or functions, but also to develop the skills they need to succeed in competitive business environments. In other words, it’s not just about learning how to generate strategies; it’s about learning how to think, act, and behave more strategically. And that’s exactly what our workshops and classes will help business teams to master!

Business Leaders

“Successful companies don’t only have great strategies; they have great teams that bring those strategies to life.”

Listen to our founder explain why basic business courses may not be enough to move the needle for your company…

Invest In Your Future

Don’t allow planning to become an afterthought in your company. Let us help you customize a strategy training program for your team today!