Business Creativity Workshop - Learn How To Apply a Creative Process to Any Business Task

Businesses thrive on new ideas. But where do new ideas come from and how can you learn how to generate more of them? The answer is simple – you need to learn how to tap into your inner business creativity! Our BUSINESS CREATIVITY WORKSHOP breaks down the creative process into 7 simple steps that anyone can apply to just about any business task – including the strategy development process. In this special 1-day workshop, we will show you how you can tap into your own creativity and approach your strategic role in ways that you never thought of before!

The BUSINESS CREATIVITY WORKSHOP can be delivered as an extension to any of our Project-Based Workshops, or as a stand-alone skill-building workshop for most any business function.

Onsite Version

  • 1-Day Onsite Workshop
  • Workbook and Framework
  • Access to Strategy Generation Tools
  • Plenty of Inspiration!

Online Version

  • Self-Paced Online Workshop
  • Digital Workbook and Framework
  • Access to Strategy Generation Tools
  • Plenty of Inspiration!

Topics Covered:

The Creative Foundation

The Creative Process

“Creativity can’t always be learned, but it can always be found.”

Do you want to get a head start on your Business Creativity Workshop? Download our 7-step process for developing a strategy using creativity as your guide. This is the same creative process that we teach in the workshop, and is based on the book Creative Strategy Generation, written by our company founder, Bob Caporale.

7-Steps to Creative Strategy Generation | Strategy Generation Company

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