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Businesses thrive on new ideas. But where do new ideas come from and how can you generate more of them? The answer is simple – you need to learn how to tap into your inner business creativity!

Our BUSINESS CREATIVITY WORKSHOP breaks down the creative process into 7 simple steps that anyone can apply to nearly any business task – including the strategy development process. In this special workshop, we show participants how they can tap into their creative centers through a series of fun, interactive exercises that will help each person find his or her own inner business artist!

This workshop includes (for each participant):

  • A digital workbook and framework
  • A complimentary copy of our Creative Self-Assessment tool

Our BUSINESS CREATIVITY WORKSHOP is designed to be delivered to company teams of between 8 and 12 participants. The workshop includes over 12 hours of interactive training delivered over the course of 3 half-day live virtual sessions.

We are currently delivering all of our workshops in a live virtual environment. Please contact us for more information!

Topics Covered

The Creative Foundation
What Is Creativity?
Finding Your Creative Center
Performing a Creative Assessment

The Creative Process

“Creativity is both the foundation and output of every successful strategy.”

Our BUSINESS CREATIVITY WORKSHOP features a unique creative self-assessment tool based on our Creative Potentiometer Framework. You can download a copy of this framework by clicking below.

Creative Potentiometer

Do you want to get a head start on finding your inner BUSINESS CREATIVITY? Claim a FREE copy of our 7 Steps to Creative Strategy Generation infographic to learn more about the creative process that we teach in the workshop.

7-Steps to Creative Strategy Generation | Strategy Generation Company

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