Strategy Generation Company teaches product managers and business leaders how to develop, communicate, and implement targeted strategic business plans that will allow their companies to thrive and grow.

Our company has deep experience in both large and small business environments and is supported by a proven creative strategic planning process that has been implemented by some of the largest and most successful companies in the world.

We offer products and services in the following categories:

  1. Strategy Training – Workshops and Classes
  2. Strategy Coaching – Guidance and Support
  3. Strategy Inspiration – Tools and Resources

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What Is Strategy Training?

When someone takes on a new role as a product manager or business leader, they’ll often seek out some type of basic training that can help them define what they should be doing in their jobs. Product management courses, basic leadership training, and even mini-MBAs all fall into this category. And although these courses can be a great start, they’re far from the final destination as far as leadership development goes.

Our product and business strategy programs pick up where basic functional training programs leave off – stepping participants through the critical process of developing comprehensive strategic plans for the products and businesses they manage. No business can be successful without a clear strategy to guide it. That’s the need that our strategy training and coaching programs address. And it may be the most important need that your company will ever have.

Who Is It For?

Product Managers

Strategy Training and Coaching for
Product Managers and Product Leaders

Business Leaders

Strategy Training and Coaching for
Business Leaders and Business Managers

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