Product Strategy Generation - Strategy Training for Product Managers

Product managers are expected to be the overall business leaders for their product lines or portfolios. Which means that the only way product managers can ever be truly successful in their roles is if they have clear and actionable strategies for the product businesses that they manage.

Our PRODUCT STRATEGY GENERATION workshop is designed to help product managers build their product and/or portfolio strategies by:

  1. Teaching them the strategy generation process
  2. Coaching them through the project of building their actual strategies

This approach not only provides product managers with the basic skills they need to truly excel in their roles, but also provides a roadmap for obtaining real results rather than just theoretical knowledge.

This workshop is designed to be delivered onsite at your company’s location to a minimum of 10 participants. We can also deliver this workshop remotely to your team via online learning technology. (NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing an individual online strategy course, please see our Strategy Skills Workshop).

Topics Covered

Strategy Basics
What Is a Product Strategy?

Determining Your Product Vision

Market Analysis
Market Trends and Market Segments
Customer Segmentation
Customer Needs Analysis

Industry Analysis
Industry Trends (PESTEL)
Competitor Analysis

Business Analysis
Business Trends
Company Analysis

Strategic Goal Planning
Strategic Goals and Objectives

Strategic Options Planning
Performing a SWOT
Choosing Strategic Options

Strategic Actions Planning
Developing Strategic Initiatives
Internal Tactics
External Tactics (The Marketing Mix)

Strategic Execution
Investment Roadmapping
Projecting Results
Telling Your Strategic Story
Executing Your Product Strategy

“Product management training is educational, but product strategy training is transformative!”

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