Small Business

Although many small business owners may have neither the time nor the budget to invest in comprehensive training or coaching programs, it doesn’t mean that the strategic planning process is any less important for these companies. With this in mind, we offer a limited scope of streamlined SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY tools and services that are targeted specifically toward businesses with revenues of $40M or less.

These services include:

  • 1-on-1 coaching for small business owners and leaders
  • Small-scale coaching for small business strategy development
  • Self-guided small business strategy tools

Most small businesses do not have complex product development processes or portfolios that require comprehensive business cases or life cycle plans. However, the two strategic plans that EVERY business needs, regardless of their size or scope, is an overall business strategy and a go-to-market plan for any product or service that they plan to provide into the marketplace.

For the overall business strategy, we offer our exclusive Small Business Strategy Toolkit, which steps small business owners through a streamlined version of our more comprehensive Strategy Generation Framework and process. This self-guided toolkit features 5 simple tools and a 34-page instruction manual that can easily be implemented by most any small business without a significant investment in time, money, or resources. We also offer a limited number of 1-on-1 coaching sessions that are designed to answer any questions that small business owners might have as they navigate through this process.

In addition to their overall business strategy, it is important that small businesses keep in mind all of the key elements that are outlined in our Go-To-Market Framework for any individual product or service that they plan to launch into the marketplace. This framework encourages businesses to fully understand their target customers, value proposition, and product positioning, and then develop specific go-to-market action plans around the 4-Ps of marketing (product, price, promotion, and place). Through our SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY coaching services, we can also help guide businesses through any element of these go-to-market plans.

Small Business

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“Putting together a plan shouldn’t drain your small business bank account; it should fill it!”

Our SMALL BUSINESS STRATEGY coaching services are guided by a simplified version of our world-class Strategy Generation Framework. You can download our Small Business Strategy Framework by clicking on the link below.

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