Strategic Storytelling Class
Strategic Storytelling Class

Our STRATEGIC STORYTELLING class helps individuals develop all the skills they need to create compelling strategic stories and deliver engaging business presentations. Using our exclusive Strategic Arc Framework as a guide, we’ll teach participants how to both write and communicate their essential business stories in a way that will captivate audiences, gain buy-in, and truly bring their strategic messages to life!

This class includes (for each participant):

Our STRATEGIC STORYTELLING class includes 12 hours of interactive training and is designed to be delivered to a maximum of 15 participants. We are currently delivering all of our workshops and classes in a live virtual environment. Please contact us for more information!

Topics Covered

Your Audience
Audience Segmentation
Audience Personas

Your Story
The 5 Elements of a Story
Developing Your Story Arc
Presentation Storyboarding


“Being able to tell your strategic story is equally important to having a strategy in the first place.”

Do you want to get a head start on your STRATEGIC STORYTELLING class? Download our Strategic Arc template! This is the definitive guide to telling a strategic story and is also one of the key tools that we will be using during the class.

Strategic Arc Framework | Strategy Generation Company

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