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How many strategy training companies do you think actually have formal strategies for their own businesses? Our guess is “not many!”

At Strategy Generation Company, we believe in practicing what we preach. That’s why we make our own strategy available here for all the world to see. This not only lets you know what we’re all about, but should also help to prove that we actually do use our own process and that – yes – it actually does work!

So, scroll down and have a look at our framework in action. Or, if you prefer that we send you a pdf version, just click the button below and we’ll email you a copy!

Strategy Generation Framework | Strategy Generation Company






We envision a world where planning is viewed as an asset rather than as a burden, and where people and companies are rewarded for thinking ahead rather than being penalized for it.


We have a strong background in developing corporate strategies and a proven framework for delivering strategy training. Our process is differentiated in that we approach the subject of strategy in a very practical and non-academic way, embracing the ideas of practice over theory, creativity over imitation, and making the subject of strategy accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their background or education. Our main strengths can be demonstrated through the real-world experience of our facilitators as well as the adoption of our process well beyond our workshops.


Every business, no matter the size, needs to have some type of strategy to help guide  them. Without a strategy, companies are likely to go after every opportunity that comes their way, resulting in an ineffective use of resources and a confusing approach to market. And while many companies may suffer from these issues, they don’t always equate having a clear strategy with the cure. In other words, most managers and leaders don’t wake up every day thinking they need strategy training, even when that is exactly the type of training that will most help their organizations.


Although there is no shortage of strategy consultants, most of them seem to follow the school of thought that business strategies need to adhere to some predetermined textbook methodology, thereby making the process more cumbersome and time-consuming than it needs to be. This translates into an opportunity to promote a simplified and more enjoyable approach to the strategy development process. In addition, there are relatively few competitors that focus on strategy training over strategy consulting, and those that do likely don’t promote strategy as being their primary expertise.


To build a fun and interactive  learning community for strategy creators that helps attract more people to the strategic process and that ultimately helps companies achieve higher and more profitable growth through the development of clear and simple strategic plans.


We have brainstormed our strategic options in five main categories:

  1. The markets we want to target
  2. The products we want to offer
  3. The methodology we will use to deliver our services
  4. The values we want to embrace
  5. How we will go to market


Using our options as a guide, here are the choices we have made:

  1. We will target large, medium, and small businesses that embrace the idea of strategic thinking and strategic planning at all levels throughout their respective organizations.
  2. We will stay focused on providing strategy-based services that help companies become more self-sufficient and less reliant on outside consultants. These include:
  3. Our methodology will not be to simply impart theory but, rather, to help people apply that theory using creativity and intuition as their guides.
  4. We will treat each company we work with as if it were our own, which also means that we will never charge by the hour for basic support, guidance, and follow-up.
  5. Our main approach as we go to market will be to reinforce the need for strategy training while continually promoting the process as being simple, accessible, and fun!


We have outlined a comprehensive investment plan that includes both upfront and ongoing investments in systems, course development, and marketing. We have also anticipated the amount of business that we expect as a result of these activities and will track against that plan on both a quarterly and annual basis, making any necessary adjustments to our strategy along the way.

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