As part of our mission to demystify the subject of strategy, we do our best to provide free and basic strategy education in as many places as possible. We do that through talks, podcasts, and webinars like the one featured here that we delivered for Product Management Today. For more videos and webinars, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and check back often!

Strategy Generation Company 3-Minute Video Library

In addition to our existing video library, we’ve been busy building an additional library of explainer videos to supplement the learning from our workshops and classes. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list below to be notified when this new library becomes available. In the meantime, please scroll down to view additional samples of some of the videos featured on our YouTube Channel.

“Your learning should continue well beyond the workshop.”

Looking for even more inspiration? Watch a sampling of strategy talks delivered by our founder, Bob Caporale:

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