Who Are We?

Strategy Generation Company provides training and inspiration for product managers, marketing managers, and business managers. Our focus is on teaching people how to tap into their own creativity, generate new ideas, and learn the basic business skills needed to build and deliver uniquely differentiated strategic plans.

Our company was founded by Bob Caporale, the author of the book Creative Strategy Generation and the former president of the product management training company Sequent Learning Networks.

Strategy Generation Framework | Strategy Generation Company

Our Framework

All of our training is designed around a simple framework that outlines all the essential elements needed to create successful strategic plans. Our process features three distinct  “cycles” of strategy development work:

  • The Analysis Cycle Business | Market | Industry

  • The Planning Cycle – Goals | Options | Actions

  • The Execution Cycle – Investment | Tracking | Results

The end goal of our training is to help participants create concise strategy presentation decks and accompanying strategic storyboards that can be used to both communicate and execute their strategic plans

“Our company’s goal is to build a learning community for strategy creators.”

Product Strategy Generation - Strategy Training for Product Managers

Product Strategy Generation

Develop a strategy for your product line or portfolio.

Marketing Strategy Generation - Strategy Training for Marketing Managers

Marketing Strategy Generation

Develop a marketing strategy for your targeted customer segments.

Business Strategy Generation - Strategy Training for Business Managers

Business Strategy Generation

Develop a strategy for your business or business function.

Inspire Your Future

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