Marketing Strategy Generation

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Marketing Strategy Generation - Strategy Training for Marketing Managers

Does your company have marketing strategies that align with your product and business strategies?

Whether you are responsible for marketing communications or a complete vertical market within your business, it is imperative that you have a clear marketing strategy that aligns with both your overall company strategy as well as any product or portfolio strategies that exist within your business. Our Marketing Strategy Generation program is designed specifically for marketing leaders and market managers who want to build strategies for the key customer segments that they wish to target.

Topics Covered:

The History of Strategy
What is a Marketing Strategy?
Analyzing Your Business
Analyzing Your Marketplace
Customer Segmentation and Targeting
Customer Needs Analysis
Analyzing Your Industry
Performing a PESTEL Analysis
Understanding the Competitive Landscape
SWOT Analysis (and why you don’t need one)
Developing Your Vision and Objectives
Determining Your Strategic Options
Choosing Your Marketing Strategies
The Marketing Mix – Product, Price, Promotion, Place
Organizing Your Action Plan
Developing Your Marketing Plan
Tracking Your Marketing Strategy
Telling Your Strategic Story
Executing Your Marketing Strategy

“Your marketing strategy needs to stand alone from your product or business strategy, while all the while being integrally linked to both.”

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