Customer Insights Workshop
Customer Insights Workshop

The very best strategies are inspired by real market feedback and related customer needs. But these strategies can only be developed if the voices of your customers are actually being heard.

Our CUSTOMER INSIGHTS WORKSHOP steps participants through the process of gathering, analyzing, and acting upon market and customer feedback using our exclusive Customer Insights Framework as a guide. The workshop covers six different feedback methodologies – correspondence, reviews, surveys, interviews, focus groups, and observation – and provides actionable tools and techniques for mastering each one.

This workshop includes (for each participant):

Our CUSTOMER INSIGHTS WORKSHOP is designed to be delivered to company teams of between 8 and 12 participants. The workshop includes over 12 hours of interactive training delivered over the course of 3 half-day live virtual sessions.

We are currently delivering all of our workshops in a live virtual environment. Please contact us for more information!

Topics Covered

Setting Your Objective
Voice of Customer (VOC) History and Definition
Developing a VOC Objective

Market Segmentation
Customer Segmentation
Customer Personas

Customer Insights
Choosing a Methodology
Selecting Participants
Gathering Insights
Analyzing Insights
Prioritizing Ideas and Taking Action

“Successful strategies can only be powered by clear customer voices.”

Do you want to get a head start on your CUSTOMER INSIGHTS WORKSHOP? Download our Customer Insights Framework and discover the steps involved in gathering, analyzing, and acting upon market and customer feedback.

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