Our project-based workshops are great for guiding multiple product or business teams through the strategy development process. But, for an even more hands-on approach you may want to consider our STRATEGY COACHING service – available for both individuals and small product or business teams.

Our STRATEGY COACHING services are guided by the 4 stages of our Strategy Generation Framework, and are available at any stage of your strategy development project, including:

  • Analysis of customer, competitor, and company data
  • Identification of strategic goals and initiatives
  • Review of strategic investment roadmaps
  • Development of final strategy story and presentation

We can also help guide you and/or your team through the entire strategy development process, from beginning to end. This type of engagement typically includes an initial half-day virtual training session, followed by a series of 2-hour remote coaching sessions that are designed to guide you through each step of the strategy development process until your plan is complete. Please download the description below for more information.

Strategy Coaching

If you are interested in scheduling a hands-on STRATEGY COACHING project for your team, please contact us using the link below!

“Developing your strategy is not something you should take lightly, and not something you should have to do alone.”

All of our strategy coaching projects are driven by our world-class Strategy Generation Framework. Get a head start on your coaching project by downloading the framework today!

Strategy Generation Framework | Strategy Generation Company

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