One of the most important skills that any business leader can possess is the ability to think and act strategically. However, many leaders have never had any formal training in this area, and many more just need an additional set of eyes and ears to help guide them through the process.

Our individual STRATEGY COACHING service provides hands-on inspiration and guidance to any manager or leader who wants a little extra help in raising their strategies above all the day-to-day noise. Individual coaching projects can take most any form, ranging from a fully customized strategy training program to a series of one-on-one coached “checkpoints” along any stage of the strategy development process.

All of our STRATEGY COACHING projects are guided by the 4 stages of our Strategy Generation Framework, and are available at any step of a strategy development project. A typical individual coaching project might include one or all of the following sessions:

  • Individualized strategy training
  • Review and analysis of customer, competitor, and company data
  • Identification of strategic goals and options
  • Development of strategic initiatives and action plans
  • Review of strategy roadmaps
  • Presentation creation and story development
Strategy Coaching for Individuals

If you are interested in scheduling a hands-on STRATEGY COACHING project for yourself or any individual on your team, please contact us using the link below!

“Developing your strategy is not something you should take lightly, and not something you should have to do alone.”

Our Strategy Storyboard Framework provides a more detailed look at the individual steps involved in any strategy development project. Get a head start on your coaching project by downloading the framework today!

Invest In Your Future

Don’t allow planning to become an afterthought in your company. Let us help you customize a strategy training program for your team today!