Presentation Skills Toolkit


Our Presentation Skills Toolkit includes 8 digital tools and a 19-page comprehensive guide to both crafting and delivering highly successful strategy and business presentations. This toolkit is available FREE to participants of our Presentation Skills Workshop. Please contact us for more information.

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Current Revision: 202005

Our Presentation Skills Toolkit provides all the tools and guidance needed to both craft and deliver successful business presentations. Designed as a supplement to our Presentation Skills Workshop, this comprehensive toolkit consists of 8 digital forms, and a 19-page instruction manual that steps users through the use of each one. Originally designed to help product and business leaders develop and deliver their strategy presentations, our unique process can be used for most any business presentation in most any business setting, from the boardroom to the keynote stage!

The toolkit includes:

  • 19-Page Instruction Manual
  • Tool 01 – Audience Persona
  • Tool 02 – Presentation Storyboard
  • Tool 03 – Presence Checklist
  • Tool 04 – Projection Checklist
  • Tool 05 – Timing Checklist
  • Tool 06 – Engagement Checklist
  • Tool 07 – Authenticity Checklist
  • Tool 08 – Presentation Scorecard


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