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Our Creative Strategy Generation Toolkit includes 9 digital tools, and a 22-page instruction manual. This toolkit is available FREE to any owner of the book Creative Strategy Generation. Please contact us for more information.

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Our Creative Strategy Generation Toolkit includes a basic set of key strategy tools inspired by the 7-step creative process featured in the book Creative Strategy Generation (written by our company’s founder, Bob Caporale). This toolkit includes 9 digital forms and a 22-page instruction manual that will step you through the entire creative strategy process from beginning to end. This is a great companion to the book, and also serves as the perfect starter kit for anyone who may be newer to the world of strategy creation.

NOTE: This toolkit is available FREE to any owner of Creative Strategy Generation. If you purchased either the hardcover or electronic version of the book, please contact us for information on how you can receive your free copy.

The toolkit includes:

  • 22-Page Instruction Manual
  • Tool 01 – Baseline Analysis
  • Tool 02 – Opportunity-Based SWOT
  • Tool 03 – Vision, Goals & Objectives
  • Tool 04 – Target Market
  • Tool 05 – Strategic Initiatives
  • Tool 06 – Strategic Investments
  • Tool 07 – Strategic Results
  • Tool 08 – Strategic Summary
  • Tool 09 – Strategic Action Plan


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