Our PREMIUM WORKSHOPS are longer-form programs that teach participants critical strategic concepts along with the key job-related business processes that those concepts are intended to support. The workshops are designed to be attended by pre-arranged project teams and include an interactive workshop component, as well as optional post-workshop coaching sessions to help teams see their projects through to completion. This format ensures that the workshop learning is converted into actual doing, with each team coming away with real knowledge, plans, and actions that can be implemented as a direct result of the programs.

We currently offer two core PREMIUM WORKSHOPS:

  • Our Product Strategy Generation Workshop is designed to teach both the process and project of product strategy creation. This workshop is applicable for both external and internal product teams.
  • Our Strategic Product Management Workshop is designed to teach all the key elements of a product manager’s role, while also providing the opportunity for product leaders and their supporting team members to practice and apply these concepts within a facilitated learning environment.

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