Business Management Workshop - Learn How To Be a More Effective Business Leader

Although there is certainly no shortage of training courses aimed at teaching business basics to up-and-coming managers, there are far fewer programs that focus on teaching existing leaders the fundamentals of how to run their businesses in the most effective way possible.

Our BUSINESS MANAGEMENT WORKSHOP is designed to help managers bring every aspect of a business together around a common strategy and common strategic goals. Using our Business Management Framework as a guide, we cover every stage of a business from insight gathering to strategy development to operational execution, and show business leaders how they can weave their strategies throughout every function and every activity that they oversee.

NOTE: This program can be customized for most any business function.

Onsite Version

  • 2-Day Onsite Workshop
  • Workbook and Framework
  • Access to Strategy Generation Tools
  • Plenty of Inspiration!

Online Version

  • Self-Paced Online Workshop
  • Digital Workbook and Framework
  • Access to Strategy Generation Tools
  • Plenty of Inspiration!

Topics Covered:

Market Analysis
Market Insight Gathering

Customer Segmentation
Customer Personas and User Stories

Industry Analysis
PESTLE Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Business Analysis
Company Analysis
Value Proposition and Positioning

Strategic and Investment Planning
Vision and Goal Setting

Choosing Strategic Actions
Investment Planning

Business Operations
Engineering and Development

Manufacturing and Supply Chain
Marketing, Sales, and Channel Management

“Having a business strategy is meaningless unless it can be weaved into every element of the business that it applies to.”

Do you want to get a head start on your Business Management Workshop? Download our Business Management Framework to view all the strategic functions that a business manager oversees.

Business Management Framework | Strategy Generation Company

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