Business Strategy Generation - Strategy Training for Business Managers

When you think about a business strategy, you may be inclined to think only about the highest-level corporate strategy that exists within an organization. But the truth is, business strategies exist at all levels of a company – from business units, to business functions, to business teams.

Our BUSINESS STRATEGY GENERATION workshop is designed to help managers and leaders build clear and concise strategies for the businesses, business units, or business functions that they oversee – ensuring that their individual team members are all focused on a set of common goals and a common long-range plan. And that will ultimately lead to big picture thinking rather than just day-to-day churn.

NOTE: If you are a product manager or marketing manager, please view our Product Strategy Generation or Marketing Strategy Generation workshops.

This workshop is designed to be delivered onsite at your company’s location to a minimum of 10 participants. We can also deliver this workshop remotely to your team via online learning technology. (NOTE: If you are interested in purchasing an individual online strategy course, please see our Strategy Skills Workshop).

Topics Covered

Strategy Basics
The History of Strategy
What Is a Business Strategy?

Determining Your Business Vision

Market Analysis
Customer Segmentation and Targeting
Customer Needs Analysis
Market Trend Analysis

Industry Analysis
Understanding the Competitive Landscape
Industry Trend Analysis (PESTEL)

Business Analysis
Analyzing Your Company
Business Trend Analysis

Strategic Goal Planning
Developing Your Goals and Objectives

Strategic Options Planning
Performing a SWOT
Choosing Your Strategic Options

Strategic Actions Planning
Choosing Your Strategic Initiatives
Understanding The Marketing Mix
Organizing Your Tactics

Strategic Execution
Developing Your Investment Plan
Projecting Your Results
Telling Your Strategic Story
Executing Your Business Strategy

“Every business needs a strategy, and every business leader needs some type of strategy training.”

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